Parrot ANAFI Thermal


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Parrot ANAFI Thermal

ANAFI Thermal is a thermal imaging drone is easy to use, lightweight and powerful. The drone’s unique imaging capabilities enable you to take immediate action or analyze recorded photos and videos in unprecedented detail.

ANAFI Thermal is designed to profoundly revolutionise the way many industries and trades operate, offering professionals a complete solution that adapts perfectly to their requirements and needs.


ANAFI Thermal:

• Weighs only 315g and has a unique foldable design meaning you always have it to hand

• 2 cameras: Thermal FLIR® and 4K HDR with 21MP Sony sensor. Stabilised on 3 axes, they tilt at +/-90° to observe right underneath structures

• A powerful and reliable drone that offers up to 78 min of cumulative flight (3 batteries)

• Easy to use thanks to the FreeFlight 6 app, giving you control of all the flight parameters

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Parrot ANAFI Thermal

The ANAFI Thermal drone’s 2 cameras capture both the invisible and the visible. Images of the visible and the invisible are merged directly within the FreeFlight 6 app to reveal everything you’ve never seen in such a detail.

You can take thermal readings and measure the temperature of a specific scene or point; observe thermal losses on a building; identify or monitor subjects


As construction industry professionals like a craftsman or a team member of a Public Works Group you can produce thermal readings, get an overview of the thermal losses of a façade or observe the condition of a structure. The drone offers cost-control benefits and removes the need for equipment such as ladders and scaffolding.

As civil security experts, you can, remotely and post-intervention, monitor hot points and decide whether, according to the results observed, to retain a team/equipment on site. Whether using 4K images or thermal rendering, searching for people in rugged areas can be faster, without endangering the teams.

As energy suppliers and transporters, in just a few minutes you can identify a power failure on a high-voltage cable, or isolate a defective solar panel with a light and easy to implement solution.

As environmental protection and preservation officers, you can operate with the drone discreetly and silently which minimizes potential stress to animals. ANAFI thermal makes it possible to observe, identify and count species while the pilot remains at a safe distance – potentially even protecting animals from poachers through remote monitoring.

The FreeFlight 6 app allows you to easily switch from an RGB view to a thermal view or merge the two for a perfectly readable and comprehensible rendering of everything.

The details of the scene are visible and coloured to reveal the thermal differences and the areas of loss. 3 groups of settings are available:

– Relative: displays the range of temperature differences, from the hottest to the coldest;

– absolute: set the range of temperature values;

– Spot: only the hottest and coldest spots are isolated;

In just a few seconds you can share photos and videos of your tasks with your customers, collaborators and partners. Replay videos and change the range of settings to isolate an element or analyse temperatures. Compatible with the FLIR(r) Tools software solution, you prepare inspection reports in PDF format.

A FLIR sensor, a market-leading product, is integrated into the ANAFI Thermal’s gimbal. Each element of the environment appears in high precision, with visual representations of thermal leaks and temperature differences superimposed on the image. It reveals the thermal differences of flyover areas and elements:

• Hot spots, cold spots, thermal leaks…

• FLIR LEPTON 3.5 microbolometer sensor (radiometric)

• Precision of  ±5% max.(High-gain) or ±10% max.(Low-gain)

• Dynamic Range: -10° to +140°C (High-gain) or -10° to +400°C (Low-gain)


ANAFI Thermal embeds the very best from the world of imaging using a 4K HDR camera with 21MP Sony sensor.

You can accurately inspect a building, capture illustrative elements of the state of a structure or a search area for example, or carry out 3D modelling.

• Sony® CMOS HDR sensor 1/2.4’’ 21MP

• ASPH wide angle lens f/2.4

• 23-69mm (photo), 26-78mm (vidéo) in 35mm equivalent focal length

• Lossless zoom x2.8 (x3 in mode standard)

• Adobe DNG/RAW and P-LOG professional formats


The ANAFI Thermal’s gimbal tilts vertically to +/-90°. Using thermal-imaging and RGB, you can inspect right underneath structures in zenith view or roofs and flat surfaces in nadir view. Thanks to its x3 zoom, you can see a flyover building or area in minute detail with complete safety.

Its Lightweight (315g/11.1 oz.) and ultra-compact with a unique folding design, ANAFI Thermal unfolds and is operational in 3 seconds only. It accompany you on every task, even the most complex, thanks to the reliability and precision of its control and the power of its engines.




What’s in the box?


  • 1 ANAFI Thermal drone
  • 1 Parrot Skycontroller 3
  • 3 smart batteries
  • 1 carry case
  • 1 multi-port USB charger
  • 1 tablet holder
  • 8 spare propeller blades
  • 1 16 GB microSD card
  • 4 USB-A/USB-C cables




      • Weight: 315 g
      • Maximum transmission distance: 4km with the Parrot Skycontroller 3
      • Maximum flight time: 26min
      • Maximum horizontal speed: 34mph
      • Maximum vertical speed: 4m/s
      • Maximum wind resistance: 31mph
      • Maximum working altitude: 4,500m above sea level
      • Operating temperature: from -10°C to 40°C

      • Folded: 218x69x64mm
      • Unfolded: 241x315x64mm
    • SENSORS :

      • Barometer and magnetometer
      • Vertical camera and ultrasound sensor
      • 2×6-axis IMU
      • 2×3-axes accelerometer
      • 2×3-axes gyroscope



      • Sensor: CMOS 1/2.4″, 21MP
      • Video format: MP4 (H264)
      • HDR: 4K UHD, 2.7K et 1080p videos, JPEG photos
      • Photo formats: JPEG, DNG(RAW)
      • Photo modes: single, burst, bracketing, timer and panorama
      • Shutter speed: from 1 to 1/10000s
      • ISO: from 100 to 3200
      • EV compensation: [-3, +3]
      • Maximum video sampling rate: 100Mbps


    • LD-ASPH LENS :

      • f/2.4 aperture
      • Depth of focus: 26mm (35mm equivalent)
      • Depth of field: 1.5m to infinity

      • Lossless: up to x2.8 (FHD), up to x1.9 (2.7K), up to x1.4 (4K UHD)
      • Standard: up to x3 (all resolutions)

      • Wide angle: 21MP (5344×4016) / 4:3 / 84° HFOV
      • Rectilinear: 12MP (4000×3000) / 4:3 / 75.5° HFOV



      • 4K Cinema (4096×2160 24fps)
      • 4K UHD (3840×2160 24/25/30fps)
      • FHD (1920×1080 24/25/30/48/50/60fps)
      • HD (1280×720 48/50/60fps)
      • HFOV video: 69°


      • Sensor: FLIR LEPTON 3.5 microbolometer (radiometric)
      • Sensor resolution: 160×120
      • HFOV: 57°
      • Pixel pitch: 12µm
      • Spectral band: 8-14µm
      • Thermal sensitivity: <50mK (0.050°C)
      • Photo format: JPEG
      • Photo resolution: 3264×2448 (4/3)
      • Photo modes: Single / Time-lapse / GPS Lapse
      • Video format: MP4 (H264)
      • Video recording resolution: 1440×1080, 9fps
      • Precision: ±5% max.(High-gain) or ±10% max.(Low-gain)
      • Scene Dynamic Range: -10° to +140°C (High-gain) or -10° to +400°C (Low-gain)
      • Video: MP4


      • Folded size: 94x152x72mm
      • Unfolded size: 153x152x116mm
      • Weight: 386g
      • Transmission system: Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n
      • Operating frequency: 2.4 – 5.8 GHz
      • Max. transmission distance. : 4km
      • Resolution of the video return: HD 720p
      • Battery capacity: 2500 mAh 3.6V
      • Battery life: 2h30 (Android) / 5h30 (iOS)
      • Compatible mobile devices: Screen size up to 10″
      • USB ports: USB-C (Charge), USB-A (Connection)


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