DJI M210 V2

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  • IP43
  • OcuSync 2.0
  • TimeSync
  • Anti-collision Beacon
  • AES-256 Encryption
  • DJI AirSense

(cameras not included)

DJI M210 V2

The DJI M210 V2 – Built to Endure. Engineered to Adapt.
The ultimate platform for aerial productivity combines a rugged design and simple configurability to work as a solution for a variety of industrial applications. Improvements to the M200 Series V2 enhance intelligent control systems, flight performance, and add flight safety and data security features.

Key New Features

Reliable Transmission

Equipped with OcuSync 2.0, the drones now support automatic dual frequency band switching between 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz for up
to 8 km maximum transmission range, delivering reliable, high-resolution, low-latency digital video transmission back to the pilot.
Data transmitted through OcuSync 2.0 is encrypted using the AES-256 standard.

Flight Safety

Anti-collision beacons has been added on the top and bottom of the drone to improve flight safety during low-light conditions and at night. It’s equipped with DJI’s AirSense system using an ADS-B receiver to provide pilots with awareness of approaching air traffic that can pose a collision risk.

Flight Performance

Pilots using multiple drone payloads during their operations so they can now calibrate the drone’s new center of gravity with ease from the DJI Pilot app for better flight performance.

Data Accuracy

A new TimeSync system continuously aligns the flight controller, cameras, GPS module and RTK module, as well as any third-party
payloads or onboard accessories, fixing the position data to the center of the image frame to achieve improved data accuracy.

Compatible Payloads:

  • XT2
  • X5S
  • X7S
  • Z30
  • X4S
  • XT
  • Third-party payloads
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Registration mandatory from: 30 November 2019

The UK’s new Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Service is now live.

There are two elements to the online system.

Anyone responsible for a drone or unmanned aircraft (including model aircraft) weighing between 250g and 20kg needs to register as an operator.  The cost for this is £9 renewable annually.

Anyone flying a drone or unmanned aircraft (including model aircraft) weighing between 250g and 20kg must take and pass an online education package. This is free and renewable every three years.

Both of these requirements become law on 30 November 2019.


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