With all of our services we will provide the client with access to a secure cloud-based portal in order to access their data including 3D models, topographical data, point clouds, orthomosaic imagery, aerial volumetric stockpile data, contour maps, project progress reports and more!  We also offer all of our clients the opportunity to have a bespoke service developed specifically for them and discuss sub-contracting if you are an operator with a requirement for temporary additional resource.


We can provide services from £125 per hour depending on the application and equipment used. Costs can vary due to insurance requirements, subject and time required to complete the project. We will always be fully transparent and consistent with our pricing and can negotiate rates for bespoke contracts.  Occasionally we work with trusted partners to help us deliver projects so if, for example you need a qualified level 3 thermographer to analyse data, require higher than 4K resolution or require a service you can’t see on our website we can still help!

Please call us for a no obligation chat about how we can use UAV technology to help you and your organisation

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We can inspect renewable energy sources such as wind turbines and solar panels, tunnels, bridges, oil rigs, telecoms, pipelines, pylons, tall buildings and more. The list is endless and only limited by the regulations we must follow.  We use the Zenmuse Z30 camera which allows us to inspect with extreme close ups without getting too close to the subject which reduces risk. Once the data is collected via the drone we will upload the results to your portal for you to access and work with.

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We can provide highly accurate data for surveys. We currently use the DJI M210 RTK which with the additional sensors and software can provide up to 1cm per pixel GSD (ground sample distance) meaning the quality of the data is unsurpassed for the client.

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If you have a requirement to monitor and track high value assets, please get in touch. We have solutions available to us that would allow a drone to be airborne for long periods of time allowing our clients fantastic real time data which can be viewed instantly from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

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The original application for drone services! Whilst our technical service requests are increasing all the time we still have clients looking for traditional photo and video applications. Whether its recording of a special event, selling a property, or you are wanting to make a film on a budget with Hollywood style aerial imagery and film then give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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We can mobilise ourselves 24hrs a day often at short notice, so we can assist in the event of many emergencies. Using our portal, you can login and view live streaming video direct from site so you don’t even need to be there!

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We can use drone technology to monitor and help manage coastlines, monitor rivers, erosion and flood plains, difficult to reach places of interest, help identify potential blockage points as part of flood defence programmes, provide live feed and data as part of emergency services during natural disasters, monitor pollution and more. If you can think of an application for drone technology but not sure how to start, call us to discuss and we will help you assess suitability and develop test data and trials.

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Do you have a requirement that you believe would benefit from drone technology? If you are unsure if we can help, please call us to have a chat. We will be completely upfront and explain any potential issues with your project if there are any! Our bespoke solutions allow us to work with the client to deliver exactly what they need. Many of our clients are looking to contract with us for specific projects over specific period. Weather you want to remotely track progress on a construction site or receive regular stockpile measurements at a quarry/mine we can help. From daily to weekly to monthly visits to site we can accommodate it all subject to a signed contract being in place. We do not ask for minimum contract terms and you can access your data anytime through our advanced portal login unique to each client.

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