How to make money using drones

//How to make money using drones

How to make money using drones

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How to make money using drones

This is a very common question and the answers can vary!  Its true the drone industry is growing and will continue to grow. In fact, PwC are predicting 2020 to be the year the drone industry booms!  There are many different sectors to the drone industry and its fair to say that some sectors are performing better than other and it’s also fair to say that some sectors are already flooded with PfCO drone operators. In this blog we will try and explain where we believe the opportunities are.

In 2019 the drone industry was valued at £3.04 billion by Valour Consultancy with around 5500 PfCO holders in the UK. In 2020 it is forecasted to reach just under £90 billion according to PwC (Price Waterhouse Cooper) so where is this money being spent?

Traditionally the media sector has been very strong however this sector is very well established and in our opinion is a very difficult sector to break into unless you already have an established business within media that you are adding drone services to such as a professional photographer or videographer.  The media sector is still growing but in where near as fast as the infrastructure / inspection side of the drone industry. Out of the £90 billion expected to be spent next year, well over a third of that is expected to spent within the infrastructure sector. Yes, there are already a lot of well-established drone operators working within this field however there are a lot more opportunities and more new opportunities available all the time.  It’s also an important point to make that the reward for working in these sectors is usually better than media.

The reason it is better paid is because when working in more industrial parts of the industry the primary goal is usually to improve health and safety however, a lot of the time there are also cost benefits and you can often deliver better outputs than traditional methods.  You may need to invest more into your hardware to achieve what is required however the payback makes it worthwhile.

The most important point to this blog is to point out that the drone industry is growing and I do fully expect to see massive growth however its important to realise that like any business you need to be committed and had a strong plan in place. Working within the training side I have seen many people think it’s as easy as getting a PfCO, building a website and sitting back waiting for the phone to ring – that won’t work! That said, if you are committed, have a plan and you aren’t shy about developing business by picking up the phone and making those cold calls and networking then you may struggle.  Of course, that’s the same for any business in most cases and statistically drone businesses seem to be outperforming other new business start ups in terms of survival rate.

If you want some advice on how to get started, where to focus your strategy, what hardware to buy and all the other bug questions you will have if thinking of starting up then please give us a call to discuss the opportunities!

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