Aerial Inspections

Using our specialist drone and sensors we can collect high quality data of almost any structure to show our clients the condition of the structure where you can’t normally see in any detail without using rope access, scaffolding or in some cases a helicopter.  We have the capability to zoom in on structures using one of the most powerful zoom lenses on the market to capture the information they require from a greater range, making image data collection significantly faster and eliminates risk of harm to the workforce, equipment or asset.

Once the data is collected we will process the data and present it to the client’s specification. Our Aerial Inspections  can highlight any structural issues or potential issues for the client to act and remedy the situation.

Aerial shot

We can respond to emergency requirements with our drone call out service, set up contracts with scheduled inspections or conduct ad hoc visits when the client requests it. Wherever the location we can live stream the data straight to you anywhere in the world with an internet connection!

Using drones within your organisation will save you money, provide you with better data and most importantly improve health and safety of your workforce. At Caelus drones we would be happy to discuss a proof of concept case study if you are thinking of using drones within your organisation for the first time.

Farm Yard
Flying drone


We can provide services from £125 per hour depending on the application and equipment used. Costs can vary due to insurance requirements, subject and time required to complete the project. We will always be fully transparent and consistent with our pricing and can negotiate rates for bespoke contracts.  Occasionally we work with trusted partners to help us deliver projects so if require a service you can’t see on our website we can still help!

Please call us for a no obligation chat about how we can use UAV technology to help you and your organisation

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